We are a family that has been growing olives and producing oil for centuries in Liguria in the Prino Valley behind Imperia, at that time called Porto Maurizio. We have documentation of our work in the olive oil field dating back to the end of the 16th century.

Already as a child, Claretta says, I used to pick olives with my little basket. Kneeling at the foot of our large olive trees, watching my grandparents plucking and pampering the trees, I learned this age-old art. Now, many years later, with the help of my son, we continue the family tradition.

We expand our company by recovering the neighbouring olive groves that have been abandoned, we put them back into production, making good products with the fine quality Taggiasca. In the company we have about 30 hectares of olive grove, plus vegetable garden and orchard.


BENZA Oil mill since 1853

A public deed of the year 1853 proves the purchase by our family of a water mill; that year marked the beginning of the olive pressing activity. In 1500/1600, however, our ancestors already owned plots of land cultivated with olive trees and had started marketing the oil from the Prino Valley, which was called the “Golden Valley” at the time for the colour of the oil it produced.

We are in a valley with a “sea” of olives and we produce, in the tradition, an oil with the colour of gold.

During your stay you should visit the oil mill, to taste and learn more about the qualities (smell, taste) of the oil and the Taggiasche olives.