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IL MANIERO is located in the historic centre of Valloria, a nice medieval village in the municipality of Prelà, 15 km from the sea. Il Maniero was traditionally built at the top of the small village, which is very well preserved, we can observe testimonies that take us back to very distant times (capitals, lintels, low and shady arcades …).

Between the uphill and downhill in the narrow alleyways, you can see a real artworks on the doors of the houses, stables and cellars.

It consists of two houses, “Superba Vista” and “Le Volte”.

These are two large flats which, on request, can be transformed into one big house for a large family, or for two families who want an holiday together, or for a group of friends.

BENZA Oil mill since 1853

A public deed of the year 1853 proves the purchase by our family of a water mill; that year marked the beginning of the olive pressing activity. In 1500/1600, however, our ancestors already owned plots of land cultivated with olive trees and had started marketing the oil from the Prino Valley, which was called the “Golden Valley” at the time for the colour of the oil it produced.

We are in a valley with a “sea” of olives and we produce, in the tradition, an oil with the colour of gold.

During your stay you should visit the oil mill, to taste and learn more about the qualities (smell, taste) of the oil and the Taggiasche olives.

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